Everyday someone clever comes up with a better, faster, easier way to do something. Keeping up with it all is like trying to drink water from a fire hose. Sometimes its easy to see what’s important and other times it can slip past you unoticed. Often, you don’t even know that a service or technology exists. If you had, it could have saved you hours or brought your product to the next level. That freaks me out… until I remember this.

There will ALWAYS be someone smarter, faster or stronger than you. But that should never keep you doing what your passion propels you to do. You can discuss the difference between inventor or innovator, or idea convergence. Does it matter? Just do what you are supposed to do.

Instead of worrying about not knowing, turn it around. What do you know? What do you know that you can use now in order to figure out things faster. If you’re spending less time worrying about some of the basics you have more time to focus on the difference makers. The detail, the nuance.

This is why I love tools like Django and Twitter Bootstrap. Many of the things that are needed are done. And there were designed and built by smarter people than me. There was a time when I turned my nose up at Twitter Bootstrap. I erroneously thought that I needed to hand do everything that touched my precious HTML. Boy was I wrong.

Because, what’s important? Is it the latest whizbang library? Is it the newest service or widget?

Nope. It’s shipping. If you can include the new potential in your product great. But don’t do it at the cost of shipping. To me, shipping is EVERYTHING. It’s the reason I create. Who cares if I have an idea? Ideas are everywhere. But if I can show you what the product is, that is a VERY different conversation. Now we are talking about how to make it better. And maybe the potential can help in that case, or maybe you just need to change where a button is.

So, look around, explore. Don’t be ignorant of technology. But don’t let the constant movement stop you from shipping. Because none of it matters if you don’t ship. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is rare.

Speaking of shipping, We’ve (Pure Blue) launched an app for fly fishing people. If you fly fish, or know someone that does, we need help testing the app. Click the google form link if you’re interested in helping test or pass it to someone you know might be.

TellFly Beta signup: http://goo.gl/11sSp5

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